Web-Surfing the Lexicon

David Cabrero Souto
Manuel Vilares Ferro
L. Docampo Gutiérrez
S. Sotelo Docío

in Proc. of Workshop on Distributing and Accessing Linguistic Resources, pp. 40-46, Granada, Spain, 1998.


This paper describes the efforts made in order to distribute an access language resources including the tagger generation tools, the lexicon from which the tagger is generated and the tagger itself. It also describes the evolution from a centralized, hardly portabel system to an open and widely accessible one.

Key Words: Tagging, Graphical User Interface, WWW, Maintenance.

David Cabrero Souto / cabrero@dc.fi.udc.es
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L. Docampo Gutiérrez / docampo@coleweb.dc.fi.udc.es
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