Instrumentation of Synchronous Reactive Models
Performance Engineering

A. Valderruten Vidal
M. Vilares Ferro
J. Graña Gil


Synchronous Reactive Modelling provides an optimal framework for the modular decomposition of programs that engage in complex patterns of deterministic interaction, such as many real-time and communication entities. This paper presents an approach which includes performance modelling techniques in the Synchronous Reactive Modelling method supported by Esterel. It defines a methodology based on timing and probabilistic quantitative constructs which complete the functional models. A monitoring mechanism provides performance results during the simulation. This methodology is applied to a protocol modelling case study. Performance metrics are computed and compared with known reference results.

Key words: Performance Engineering, Synchronous Reactive Models, Real-Time & Embedded Systems, Model Development, Instrumentation, Simulation and Monitoring.
Work partially supported by the project XUGA10501A93 of the Xunta de Galicia, the Autonomous Government of Galicia.
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