Towards Analyzers Based on Efficient Logical Frames

Manuel Vilares Ferro
Miguel Angel Alonso Pardo

Proc. of abstracts of II International Conference on Mathematical Linguistics (ICML'96), pp. 97-98. Report 7/96, Grup de Recerca en Lingüistica Matemática i Enginyeria del Llenguatge, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain, 1996.


A general strategy for implementing natural language analyzers is describe. Over a base structure equipped with a logic push-down automaton, which provides completness and correctness, we introduce a flexible level of control in order to avoid useless computations. In relation to preceding approaches, control is introduced statically, which reduce the amount of work during the evaluation process.

Our proposal ensures computation and syntactic sharing, termination for function-free programs and solves most of the problems posed by classic depth-first left-to-right traversals.

Manuel Vilares Ferro /
Miguel Angel Alonso Pardo /