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COmputational LEarning



The COLE team is a research group in the areas of compiler technology, natural language processing, translation, terminology, machine learning and modeling.

We focus on the development of technology and resources to facilitate the modelling and simulation in a range of application fields, with particular emphasis on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Environmental Control (EC), on which we have accumulated wide experience in both theoretical and practical issues from 1987.

Activities regarding NLP include computational and corpus linguistics, with special consideration for the biomedical domain and rare diseases. As examples of cases, the team is a main reference in the areas of tagging, parsing and semantic analysis, but also in manufacturing multilingual E-resources. The compilation of corpus, terminological analysis, study of textual genres or specialized translation are examples of the latter.

In the sphere of EC, our researchers has proven its worth to avoid and/or remediate a variety of environmental problems. Water pollution, atmospheric contamination, urban heat islands, heavy metals poisoning, algal blooms due to eutrophication processes or traffic in urban road network are just a sample of the subjects tackled.

A demonstrated ability to combine mathematical modelling, optimal control of partial differential equations, numerical simulation and optimization provides an expertise only practice can give. Our work thus becomes a recognized reference in the field of applied machine learning.


120304 Artificial Intelligence
120317 Informatics
120326 Simulation
120613 Partial differential equations
120702 Control Systems
570102 Automated documentation
570104 Computational linguistics
570109 Machine translation
570112 Translation